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Over To You: Is It OK To Hide The Names Of My Tunes?

The following article is quite interesting Isn’t music for sharing? for spreading? enjoying? I agree that a DJ is not just defined by their tracks but what he adds to these tracks. their own identity, their own fingerprint…c’mon spread the music, spread the love…I am therefore spreading this article (not that DDT need me to do that for them!)

Our reader wants to know if there’s something wrong with hiding track names from other DJs who are checking out your set in this week’s question.

Source: Over To You: Is It OK To Hide The Names Of My Tunes?


Human Traffic record shop scene – YouTube

was looking for new music for setlist I am putting together, came across this…quite funny…enjoy


HVOB – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2016 (Progressive music culture)


great set from HVOB, some great melodies and grooves to take you far far away…